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Arma 3 Hacks

Several months ago, the first screenshots convinced to Arma 3 with a great look and great foresight. All fans of the series can be for a few days even make a first impression of the military simulation, because Bohemia Interactive provides the alpha version of Arma 3 on Steam. What hides behind the offer and what our previous impression to Arma 3, you will learn in our PCGH Special.

Arma 3 Alpha: content and improvements
Arma 3 Alpha: desires, inventory and Conclusion
Gallery to “Arma 3 alpha in the test: Strong graphics, improved …

Arma 3 Alpha PCGH Test (25) Arma 3 Alpha PCGH Test (25) [Source: See picture gallery] The shooter market is currently full of action-packed, entertaining titles that demand the players especially fast response, reliable targeting. It Warfare 2, Battlefield 3 or Crysis 3 fulfill the desires rather to a popcorn action movies, play as a realistic war. All fans of a real military simulation had to wait a long time, after all, appeared to Arma 2 in 2009 not a good title more in this genre.

Bohemia Interactive announced some time ago with Arma 3 at the sequel to the hit game, and players such as ecstatic press with screenshots, which showed strong graphics. Now the alpha version of the song was released on Steam something secretly. PC Games Hardware has the title of times looked more closely, and particularly examined whether the announced graphics thrust is also seen in the alpha version of Arma third In addition, we have dealt with the enhancements and new features of the title and found a few negative points.
Arma 3 Alpha: Content of Steam packet – Is it worth the 25 euros?

For most PC gamers, it seems a little strange that the Bohemia Interactive Alpha Arma 3 offers for a price of 25 euros. Are alpha and beta versions usually not in vain? The fans should now pay more for it to support the developers at work? – Behind the offer of Bohemia Interactive, is a shameless rip-off or no pricing policy, rather even a service to the fans.

With the offer to buy Arma 3, however, have already access to the alpha version may be premature to access the beta and even invite three friends soon for alpha testing. Available from the release so the full price title, may, however, already some experience with the game to make.

Too much you may expect in the Alpha but not a campaign or real missions are not naturally present. More offers game four “showcases” in which you can take a first quick look at the title. Choose from an infantry use, an underwater mission, a helicopter ride and a ride in a heavily armored car.

In the showcases are aimed mainly at new Arma Showing 3 and they are ideal to familiarize yourself with engine controls and game design familiar. Tutorials are the small missions but are not beginners will be hard on some missions. Even as the old Operation Flashpoint and Arma-2-hare we had occasionally bite the dust.

After an hour you should be using the four showcases through, then you can play either in multiplayer, which collapsed in our test quite often, or in the included editor. The latter in particular is a powerful tool to Arma 3 to examine its paces: You can test the eight vehicles or enjoy a variety of weapons.

Especially in the next few days certainly appear the first exciting missions of the community, after all, has already thought of Bohemia Interactive at Alpha at a mod-support. The two co-op missions in the multiplayer mode is not so long, the only jobs remain in Arma third The developer sent bridged with the sandbox of the editor and the mod support the waiting time until the release of Arma third
Arma 3 Alpha: Explosions compared
Low-high settings settings Ultra settings
Arma 3 explosion weak
Strong graphics, revised animations and improved physics engine – That we liked to Arma 3 Alpha

The Arma 3 Alpha basically shows that the series will make a giant step forward graphically. The Real Virtuality-4 engine brings you a really good look at the screen, the DirectX 11-game convinces above all with his incredible vision. About 10 km to the players can look, on the small island Stratis shook but only two kilometers for a fantastic view. The hills in the distance are shown with details, you can see trees or shrubs good from a distance.

8x anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering create sharp edges and in the long run. Dynamic lighting for beautiful shadow effects. Arma 3 is purely optical miles away from its predecessor, and can compete with the most anticipated games like Battlefield 3 or Crysis third Our impression that the alpha version is here, however, in the detail shots from something: grass and leaves may look fantastic, but be aware that some textures, especially on the buildings, nor too mushy. The only partially shown, tessellation, for example, the vest helps the soldiers, as limited. But of course it’s not fair to compare the graphics of an Alpha with a finished game.

The Arma 3 screenshots do not seem to be bogus, the title has the potential to conjure an impressive look at the screen. Although the graphics is likely in the alpha version yet be final, just ask the ultra settings its toll colleagues reported that even with a GTX Titan in great battles was the FPS numbers in depth.

In the considerably weaker GTX 460 Ultra settings at just under 10 FPS was the greatest feeling, until default settings the game ran fairly smoothly. The developers have made its promise: Arma 3 is probably on all computers on which also ran Arma 2. A very low minimum requirement is offset by a hardware hunger in the ultra-setting, can breastfeed the very few PCs. Especially in battles, low helicopter flights or numerous explosions Arma 3 requires a good hardware.
Arma 3 Alpha: vision compared
Low-high settings settings Ultra settings
arma3 vision weak

The engine, however, can satisfy not only graphically, but with the new physics provides a solid support base for the military simulation. Enemies killed have to go through any more death animation, but thanks to falling ragdoll effects finally correctly to the ground. Boats bob in the atmospheric waves up and down, vehicles respond correctly to collisions and shocks.

In addition, we were able to discover a surprisingly few clipping errors or physics while playing. Of course, the Arma 3 Alpha was not exempt, but the Real Virtuality-4 engine now makes a more solid feel than its predecessor from Arma second Objects such as houses, cars or bricks in Arma 3 convey the impression of a real physical presence, while the predecessor was often clear that the player is only an empty shell faced.

Besides the graphics, especially the improved animations should be the biggest change in Arma third The running movements look very realistic, the transitions between standing and lying go smoothly by hand and persuade target and firing animation. The realism of the movements has improved significantly, everything looks softer and more fluid than in Arma second The swimming movements in the diving mission fall to no small, overall the animation make Arma 3 in a very round and have made good impression.

If you happen a problem with the three standard positions (standing, kneeling, lying down), then Bohemia Interactive has built a great new feature: If hold down “Ctrl” (default) is pressed, you can use the movement keys to move between countless conversations change.

It provides especially while looking for coverage of a huge advantage, because now you can take cover, but at the same time be able to see their targets. Sprint, climb over objects lying to roll to the side or sit around a corner complete the movement possibilities of the player.Grab the new Arma 3 Hacks now!